Long shot....but just MAYBE...

Glad I stumbled upon this site. I am in my early 30s. I began my college career at a prestigious university but was unable to afford to continue my studies there. I returned home and ended up working in a number of different fields and joined the military at one point. While at home, I took courses at my local CC to aid with whatever field I was working in at the time. After years of taking up space there (changing my major a number of times, withdrawing and then later returning to school due to work, having to re-attempt courses due to work) I’ve finally graduated with three Associate degrees and am now transferring into a 4 yr University to complete my bachelors.

I have always wanted to become a physician. At this juncture, I realize due to previous poor performance in some of my courses D.O. will more than likely be the only route for me to attempt. As of now my GPA is 2.9 however my cumulative GPA is somewhere around 2.45. (This is due to having an entire semester of F’s due to missing the withdrawal deadline for school after relocating for work in another state.) I also have a few other F’s on my transcript for similar reasons but in each case I’ve repeated the courses and have gotten either A’s or B’s in them.

The game plan now is to kick butt at the university and raise my GPA while also performing well on the MCAT. I will not be working full-time while at the university since I now can afford not to. I am certain this will only work in my favor as far as grades go. I look forward to sharing my experience with you all.