Long Term Plans

Hey folks, been a while since I’ve shown my face – all plans are laid now though. Beginning premed spring 2011 after separating from the Army 1 Jan, probably at UoLouisville postbacc but still trying to corral wife into something in Texas. Aiming to matriculate in 2013 (God that seems like a long ways off!) Can’t WAIT to be a student again. I will be 30 when I start premed, 32 for medical school. Thanks to all the knowledge and dedication on this forum which has contributed to my belief that it can be done. Looking forward to being a little more active on these forums once I start the path. See you soon.


Well good luck. If won’t be that old compared to myself and others on this forum. So keep the eye on the ball.

Good luck to you! By the way, you mentioned Texas, I am in the Dallas area.


32 starting medical school??? Only one word for you–KID!!!

Congrats on things falling into place!