Looking for guidance on first steps! Non traditional application from Management Consulting

Hello -

I anticipate that this topic has been beaten to death to some extent, but I am posting in hope of receiving guidance specific to my situation. Thank you all in advance for any input - I greatly appreciate it.

In short - I am a 30 yr old management consultant working for a high tier firm looking to change route into medicine. I attended UCSB in 2013 and graduated with a cumulative GPA of 3.34.

The first half of my college career I took the classes below. The overall GPA for these science courses was 2.98 (low for reasons I won’t dive into now - but in short my mom got very sick and I needed to earn money ASAP and send it home).

  • 1 Year of Bio w. 2 labs
  • 1 year of Physics, 3 labs
  • 1 year of Gen. Chem , 3 labs
  • 1 Qrt. of O.Chem , 1 lab
  • 2 Qrts of Calc and Linear Algebra

My first ask is: Can somebody provide input as to whether I have met the med school prerequiste course work, or not? I keep seeing different things on the internet but according to AAMC, I only need to take Ochem.

Second ask: I’m looking into post-bacc programs and I see that there have been some discussions about the UCLA extension program and some talks about what classes to retake (Cs or lower) generally. 2.98 is objectively a low GPA and it’s been almost 10 years since I took these classes. Should I retake the intro classes? Take graduate classes?

Are there any post-baccs that you recommend?

Thank you for any input!

  1. seems like you need to finish out your ochem series and possibly take another bio lab. You might need humanities courses depending on what you took in UG. Your gpa is also on the lower side for MD schools.

  2. Do not take anything above a C. Retake anything below C-. I’d take more upper level undergraduate biology coursework (anatomy & physio, virology, microbio, etc.). Just take the courses at a local university. If you are having money troubles, then go take them at a CC.