Looking for Osteopaths in Massachusetts

I would like to meet an osteopathic physician who practices OMT in eastern Massachusetts (Boston area). Can anyone recommend someone (by private msg if you prefer)? There seems to be not too many of them around here, at least not too many who will return my calls! I guess they’re pretty busy, which is a good thing.
I did meet with a D.O. neurologist where I volunteer who’s very nice and interesting, but she doesn’t practice OMT currently.
With thanks,

I will email one of my OMT instructors (who just happens to also be a friend) and ask him to give me the names and phone numbers of any DOs specializing in OMM in the Boston area. He has a book that lists them by area and I’m sure there must be some up there! I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back from him.

Thanks, Linda!

Okay Terry,
David emailed me back and said to go to and click on Find a physician in the column on the left of the page.(Sorry, but I couldn’t get the link to the website to work from the forum, so you’ll just have to type it in). Then enter Massachusetts for the state and you should get a list of about 14 DOs. Those who say they specialize in neuromuscular medicine or osteopathic manipulative medicine are the ones that use a lot of OMT.
Good luck. (And anyone else interested in OMM in their area can do the same thing by entering their state.)

Thanks gobs! That’s a good start. I’m going to contact some of these folks and get going already. And I can’t wait to see you at the conference and watch your demonstration of OMT!!!