LOR Content Dilemma

Hi all,

One of my letter writers, an ER MD I scribed for, sent me a rough draft of his letter for me to make grammatical and syntax edits, as well as see if there is anything I would add, remove or change.

He wrote the following sentence, " took part in major trauma resuscitations and was frequently asked to participate beyond the scope of a scribe. She never shied away"

I understand his reasoning to add it, showing my willingness to be involved, but I am torn about keeping it in my letter because I don’t want to come across to admissions committees as being someone who is high-risk or doesn’t stay in my lane.

Thoughts? Help :grimacing:

Hi Ashley

I’m glad you asked this question! I strongly believe you should remove this from the letter of recommendation. ADCOMS do not generally like to see applicants participating in high risk scenarios unless it’s in your job description or something you are certified or licensed to perform otherwise it can be dangerous. To the person reviewing your application, that may come across as someone who is taking advantage of the situation or patients.

With that being said, try to get the physician to emphasize your strongest characteristics and accomplishments without coming out of the scope of your job description. Then tie it all together as to why you will succeed in medical school. Hope this helps!

Yep I totally agree, I ended up telling him pretty much exactly what you said. I don’t want to come across as a loose cannon or high risk student who doesn’t stay in her lane