LOR from family member

I am currently in my second gap year after graduating in 2020. I am in my last semester and am planning to take the MCAT in January. During the pandemic, my aunt reached out to me asking if I could be a part-time medical assistant in her private practice. At the practice, there are two doctors and a PA. On days that I went in, my aunt was the only one working as they wanted to reduce the amount of patients and staff in office. So far, that is my only clinical experience (I have shadowed multiple specialties including at her office during my summers in college).

My question is, worst case scenario, can I ask my aunt to write me a LOR? She has the same last name as me with a hyphenated name and the other doctor she works with has the same last name as the hyphenated name but is not related. (Ex my last name is Green, my aunts last name is Green-Eggs and the other doctors name is Eggs)