LOR trascript services

I have read about companies that charge you to compile all your LORs and transcripts and they send them out. For the transripts the bounus is, if you have a lot like me, you have them sent once to the company and then they send them out as often as you need (like if you are trying osteopathic and allopathic schools or need it all sent elsewhere).
Anyone used one of these? I also may need an LOR service as I may not be eligible for the GTown cmte letter.
Any recommendations are welcome. THANK YOU!

Like you, I too had a lot of transcripts (and am now revisting this monster as I apply for residency…who would have thought they would care about the one class I took at one school…).
Anyway, for allopathic schools, I only had to send one copy of each transcript to AMCAS and they handled the rest, so in the end it wasn’t as painful as it first seems since you only have to send in one copy. Now, the school you choose to attend may require an updated transcript be sent if you are in a situation where you are completing your degress.
I also found it easy to request transcripts from schools I hadn’t attended in over a decade. Their websites have the information readily available.
Hope this helps. Good luck.

I used Interfolio for my LOR’s. It worked very well for me. Once you set up an account, you can go in and list who you will have submitting letters and decide whether or not you are waiving your right to read them (highly recommended). You then print out a form (specific to each recommender) to give to your recommender. It gives them all the info they need to submit your LOR. They can submit them by snail mail, fax, or e-mail with an electronic signature. None of my recommenders indicated that they had any trouble figuring out how to submit my LOR’s. I also didn’t have any trouble with my Interfolio letters being accepted by any schools.
The great thing about this service is that you only have to bug your recommender’s once. They write one letter, send it to Interfolio, and then when time comes to send your LOR’s out, you go online, enter the info about where they are going, click which letters or documents you want sent, decide the manner of shipment, and voila - its done!
Another plus is that it allows YOU to be in control of getting your LOR’s sent to the school’s (once you get them sumbitted to Interfolio). You don’t have to fret about whether or not the office at your school has sent your letters out yet.
As for transcripts - I second what Tara said. Once you submit your transcripts to AMCAS, you shouldn’t have to submit them again to schools during the application process unless they request updates or you choose to send them updates. I’m not entirely sure that Interfolio would work well for transcripts, though, as usually when schools do request copies, they want official copies issued by the university.
On another note, you can use Interfolio to store information securely online - such as copies of your passports, drivers license, etc. Then, if you are travelling and lose an important document, you can print out a copy from anywhere you have internet access.

Thanks. I had heard some of the LOR companies can do transcripts, too. And it seems easy to request, I was just hoping I could go that once from all the school and then if a serice was doing it and I needed it all sent again, I could avoid going through the transcript process more than once.
Thanks for the LOR company.

You know what, I think using a service for the transcripts would be more trouble than its worth. It’s my impression from talking to people that you can expect to be asked to provide a new, certified copy of a transcript to a school that accepts you. I guess it would be a hassle if you had ten schools in that category and you hadn’t decided on which one you were going to attend, but for most of us, it’s just not that complicated. And having extra transcripts sent to a LOR service is going to co$t you, too – not much, true, but why waste it?

I noticed on the secondaries that they prefer a committee letter. However, if your a non-trad like me then you don’t have a committee to send LOR too. I noticed interfolio only stores and sens out the LOR. Are there any services anyone is aware of which provide that aspect of LORs? Thanks!


Are there any services anyone is aware of which provide that aspect of LORs? Thanks!

By “that aspect,” do you mean some sort of institution which would compile a “committee letter”? I don’t think there’s any such service, and here’s why: A committee letter solicits individual feedback from several people and then synthesizes it into one letter. It also involves the applicant meeting with some or all of the members of the committee in person, and it assumes that the committee is familiar with the applicant because they’ve been a member of the same learning community for some period of time. t’s really meant to represent your school’s impression of you.
Med schools like a committee letter because someone else has done the work for them of scanning letters and picking out the best parts. Committees may also “screen” their applicants - e.g. at my school there was a GPA and MCAT cutoff below which you did not qualify for a committee letter. But med schools usually have some sort of mechanism for those who can’t provide a committee letter. Generally you’ll be asked to explain why you can’t get a committee letter and if it’s some straightforward reason like “Only full-time undergrads qualify at the institution where I’m doing my prerequisites,” it’s all good.
Search the archives for “committee letter” and you’ll find lots more discussion about this.