I am having a hard time with choosing people to write LOR’s. Having only been in one actual classroom in the past 12 years, I have one coming from that professor(the other classes were online). The clinic where I worked for 5 years has a policy of not being able to give out more than your dates of employment. I am getting one from the prenatal instructor I worked for and one from the surgeon I am shadowing, but my only other option is looking like my employer from the surgery center I worked at for only 9 months. I know I will get a great LOR, but does it matter that I only worked there 9 months?

I do not think it will matter. The only question that may arise at an interview is why did you only work their for nine months but if you get a glowing letter of recommendation, that question might not even come up at all.

I think all your recommenders are fine, but all the medical schools I applied to required at least two science (chem, bio, or physics) instructor recommendations; usually one recommendation of my choice; and, oftentimes, a physician recommendation. Do you have the academic recommendations covered or are you applying to schools that don’t have these types of recommendation requirements?

The surgery center I was working for cut back my hours, but I still had to pay for my children to be in daycare whether they were there or not, so finacially it was costing me to work.

I have checked with the ‘pickier’ of the 2 schools I’m applying to and they are o.k. with my academic/physician choices - at least that’s what they said in the 2 minutes they spoke with me.