yes, and i’m sorry to start yet another thread about LORs. However, I felt that my situation is a little off from others and specific schools only stated their requirements for recent grads.

let’s see. i’m 34 and have been working in the pharm industry for atleast 8yrs. i have extensive experience in drug development espcially in oncology. with all the exposure that i have with cancer drug development, i’ve developed the a special devotion/love for cancer patients. in short, i want to attend medical school now to realize my dream and passion to heal and help patients.

so, i graduated with a BS in BioChem in 1996, MS in Chem in 2000, and MS in Management in 2002. I’ve not kept in touch with any of my science professors so I don’t think asking for LORs from them will be doable.

so, will LORs from recent work experience, which will be coming from MDs, PhDs, and etc. who I work with, be enough/adequate for application?

thanks in advance!

Your best bet may be to contact some of the schools you’re interested in and see what they have to say. I would think that many would be able to work with you given your situation.

Since your science classes are more than 7 years old, have you looked into whether you’re required to retake any of your pre-requisites?

If you are, it may be a moot point.

As an adcom I want “recent” LORs that delineate your academic potential NOW.

It’s pretty likely that you will need to take some science courses to satisfy AdComms’ need to know that you are still capable in this area. That being the case, getting science LORs should be no problem.