Lots of MCAT Material for Sale Cheap!!


I have a ton of MCAT study stuff for sale. Believe me, if it was good enough to get me into med school, it should get anyone into med school.

  1. Exam Krackers audio osmosis - full set (12 CD’s) which is a set of very interesting lectures given by two dynamic teachers over every MCAT subject. I dumped them to mpeg and listened to them while walking to work every day, and they helped me GREATLY. I think they sell for $200 new. The CD’s are in great shape, only played maybe 10 times each or so before I moved them to mpeg. The plastic casings are a little torn around the edges. I’m thinking $75, shipping included.

  2. ALL the Examkracker MCAT prep books (5th edition). There are 5 or 6 in all, and they go along very well with the CD’s. Additionally, the Examkracker 1001 questions in chem, org chem, physics and biology. These 1001 books ROCK. I made VERY light pencil tick marks next to answers as I would go through. I erased a lot of them, but there are probably some pages that still need to have those tick marks erased, and it’s literally a matter of maybe one swipe with an eraser because the marks are so light. I also did occasional calculations in corners of some of the pages, also very light pencil of course, not that that should hurt anything anyway. Total new would be over $300 for it all. I’d sell for $100, shipping included.

  3. ALL the material for the Kaplan course. This is pretty much completely unused. My personal opinion is that Examkrackers is better material than Kaplan, so I barely used Kaplan at all, even though I paid a lot for the course. This includes a bunch of practice tests and all of their flashcards (a little worn but I kept them in ziplock baggies), which is the best part of Kaplan, imo. $80, shipping included.

  4. Also a few other things. Barron’s MCAT study guide ($15 new)… not too bad for review. Another MCAT physics book ($50 new). A GREAT set of organic chem cards. These are large, double-sided, thick, water-resistant cards like 7" x 9" made by Barron and are great for org chem class as well as the MCAT. The cards are $30 new, and the extra books were each around $30 as well. $50 for all that, shipping included.

    Probably there are a few more things in here as well I’m forgetting.

    I’d love to sell everything as one big piece, and would do so for $215 - includes shipping.

    Email me at siinew@gmail.com if you are interested.



You cannot sell the Kaplan material as they are copywrited. All else, go ahead.