Low cGPA but solid sGPA

Hey everybody!

I recently left the military with an honorable discharge and am completing some remaining course prerequisites at a local 4-year university. I initially graduated from a Service Academy with a BS in Computer Science in 2016 with a cGPA: 2.99 and a sGPA: 3.87 at 150 CHs and have been maintaining a 4.0 in all my post-bacc classes while working/volunteering part-time. Assuming I maintain a 4.0 for the last handful of credits I will have a cGPA of 3.15 and a sGPA of 3.95 with a grand total of 177 CHs by the time I’m hoping to apply.

I’m curious what the dichotomy between the cumulative GPA and science GPA is for a nontraditional applicant with my stats (e.g. science >>> cumulative) from the Adcom perspective? Do they tend to look at cumulative first and then science to gain insight or are they just stats?

Taking the above questions into consideration, is grade repair feasible for me considering I’d be fighting a pretty brutal uphill battle against my cGPA for an additional year(s) just to gain a small amount of ground? I am hoping to apply to TMDSAS MD schools and DO schools for the 2023 cycle. Any insight/advice would be greatly appreciated.