Low GPA and Low MCAT

So I graduated back in 2018 with a overall GPA of 3.0 and my science GPA was the same, slightly higher at 3.1. I have taken the MCAT twice, first one was 480 and then I took a year off and took it again after going through Kaplan course last year and scored a 489. I basically just need to figure out my next move, I’m not very sure what I should be doing or looking into doing. I REALLY do not want to go through taking the MCAT again, but I probably need to. Anyone have any ideas on what I should do. My family has been telling to go back to school and retake some classes, but I don’t know if that is the best idea.

I would say you definitely need to take the MCAT again. Of course, your extracurriculars matter a lot too, but even with excellent experiences, your combination of GPA and MCAT may hold you back. I also think MCAT is relatively easier to fix than GPA, so if you focus a lot of time on MCAT practice and score closer to a 511, you may increase your chances for at least DO schools and maybe even MD schools depending on the rest of your application. You need to show ADCOMS that you can handle the rigors of medical school. Good luck!


I know you may not want to hear this but have you considered possibly a post-bacc or SMP even if DIY? I say this because your MCAT score shows some content gaps that could be filled with succeeding in science course work. You’d be improving your MCAT and your overall and science GPA. If not then like the previous poster said I would focus on MCAT prep particularly CONTENT review. Focused dedicated content review atleast until you can get practice scores near 500. Then I would start rounding back on testing strategy that is often emphasized with large test prep companies like Kaplan.


A good MCAT score is important.

We would suggest a stepwise process that will help you score higher. Here are the 7 steps:

Step 1: Form an overall test-taking strategy and decide your target score
Step 2: Set up your baseline now that you plan to retake it – Take another diagnostic test even though you already took the real test
Step 3: Decide on sectional scores you want to achieve
Step 4: Estimate the amount of time you’ll need
Step 5: Create a sequence of study and allocate hours
Step 6: Track your improvement – Study plan
Step 7: Take several more mock tests

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