Low GPA and trouble completing other areas of the application due to COVID

Hello, non-trads! I am looking for some lovely advice on my low GPA history and how other non-tradition students are adding to their applications?

Quick story about what led me to this point:

I overwhelmed myself the first two years of college with D2 cheer and working two jobs that I ended with a 2.6 GPA. I had always wanted to be a doctor but lacked knowledge about all the different paths to medicine. After getting my first C my freshman year of college I thought that my dream was over because I had only heard about the perfect path of a 4.0 that would lead to acceptance In medical school.

I lost confidence in ever being successful in my dream. That all led to me getting a D and F at my university last year. I had hit rock bottom… It was then that I quit everything, changed the people I surrounded myself with, and learned how to ACTUALLY study!! I went from getting a D and F to a 4.0 my last two semesters. I now have a 3.19 GPA overall but still have a lot of classes to finish my major. It looks like I can graduate in two years with around a 3.45/3.5 range.I know I have a long road ahead of me but now I am positive I’ll never give my medical dream up again.

**Question **: Is my upward trend enough to show medical schools I am prepared if I continue to maintain a 4.0 full-time or will the timeline of 5/6 to complete my degree be a red flag?
I am of course trying to focus on other portions of my application but COVID is making it very difficult to do so and seems like i can only control my grades for now.