Low GPA Ivy UG, Top 5% GPA Ivy MBA, 4 years Top Management Consulting Firm

3.1 GPA at Cornell, Econ BS
5 years in corporate business roles
3.99 GPA at Columbia, MBA
4 years at McKinsey (a highly selective premiere consulting firm)
Age 31

Reason I am interested is I spent 4 years at McK working in hospitals and health insurance companies across all functions. As I learned more and more I became more and more interested in a career in medicine.

Do I have any shot at a good medical school?

Personally, I think you have a shot. But as an old pre-med, you still have to do the other things like shadowing, (trying to) volunteer, and just do something to show your interest in medicine isn’t superficial. I’m somewhat in the same shoes as far as the cumulative GPA is concerned so I know that the MCAT is the big one for both of us as far as stats are concerned.