low gpa, ms biomedical engineering/biochemistry

i’ve been out of undergraduate for almost 10 years; i graduated with a gpa = 2.4 (bs biochem, minor computer science). i spent quite a number of years teaching mathematics and though i found it intellectually challenging, i want to pursue medicine (again). during my post-bac years, i managed to obtain a ms in both biomedical engineering (3.6) and biochemistry (3.77) - i just took classes out of curiousity and b/c i really like learning science.

im not sure if my application is competitive for anything in the states - if it is, I dont even know where to apply (MD,DO, etc).

how handicapped am i with my undergrad scores -

Any assistance regarding this matter would be greatly appreciated.


That is an interesting question… I’d wager that you’re competitive in the states to get into MD school someplace, though. While the undergrad gpa is rather low, it has also been 10 years since then, and now your capacity to do well is reflected in good GPAs in 2 tough-sounding masters programs. Focus on what you’ve learned since undergrad, and what changes you’ve made that have resulted in your success since, in the extra information portion of the essay. Also make enough time in your life to crush the MCATs and find a volunteer gig in a hospital… you should do fine.

  • Matt

I’ve sat in on medical school classes - do you think that will be sufficient?

I found them boring - won’t say that in my essay - but overall doable.

As for the MCAts, I have to figure out a way to ace them - the neat about grad school is that to do well, not only do you have to solve problems, but you also have to identify them (which is the hardest part).

I dont want to get too optimistic, but do you think it is really possible to get into any place in the US?