Low gpa . need advice for post bac

This is my first time on here so sorry for all the information. I just graduated from undergrad with a gpa of 2.8. Many factors as to why i did so poorly mainly medical issues(multiple surgeries) and undiagnosed ADHD. I am currently working as a scribe currently. I need advice on what to do next. I have been advised to do a post bacc or special masters program. Most require a gpa above 3.0. Any suggestions on possible programs that I could look into? I am missing organic and biochemistry which i will be taking this upcoming fall but i would much rather do this in a post bacc program if need be. Has anyone ever gotten into a program with a low gpa? If so, which ones?
Thank you in advance

I would recommend just doing a DIY post bacc and take as many classes as it takes to get a 3.0. If after that, you decide to do the formal post bacc you can do that or just keep working on the DIY one!

Ive always thought 3.0 was too low to be considered for medical school?