I just calculated my GPA using the AAMC guidlelines and it came out a lot lower than expected. Because I was a transfer student, and because my school replaced F’s with the new grade, the cum GPA I graduated with was a 3.2, now that Ive factored in all the extra crap, mostly from 10+ years ago, Im down to a 2.82
Is this the kiss of death? My post bacc GPA over the last 2 years is 3.8, all my med school pre-reqs, so my science GPA is about a 3.8, plus I have a Masters in sculpture with a 3.7, but with a 2.8 undergrad, will I just be cut without further consideration. Plus my undergrad transcript has some W’s too, how are they factored in? My undergrad transcript is such a mess, can I overcome it?

I personally don’t think you ever “overcome” it as the undergrad GPA seems to be more heavily favored by most schools, even over a graduate GPA. I think what you have to do is have the rest of the app be so outstanding that it makes the undergrad GPA a “blip on the screen” of your application package.
Over the years, I’ve talked with many, many schools about my record including schools like Harvard, and the ONLY schools that mentioned it was Hopkins and Duke.

Mine is like 2.7 from two years of screwing around and two years of bring up my grades. I originally thought I might be fighting a losing battle but it actually seems I overestimated how difficult it is to get in a school with a bad past record. I’m always that I hear again and again about nontrads who had a C average and brought it up for their sciences and had success. I told my advisor about my grades and thought he would just write me off. But said since I have some science already and I’m a paramedic, I’m well on my way! Confidence is all it takes. That’s what I found recently that makes one a great student.