Low stats + cancer - how to proceed?

I graduated from NYU with a 3.23 GPA and did one year of a masters program with a 3.7GPA. My post-bac GPA has been around 3.4 thus far, mostly due to COVID and terrible neurological symptoms that I discovered were due to a brain tumor. I took the MCAT just days before being hospitalized and finding out about the tumor so needless to say my score was even lower than my practice scores (497). I sent my apps already and explained my situation. Due to cancer, treatment, recovery, etc I have 2 classes to finish in the spring (1 is a C- retake) and expect a higher GPA however not enough credits to bring up my overall GPA significantly. I have 8+ years of clinical experience, shadowing, volunteering, etc and worked in Marketing for years (most recently @Google before returning to healthcare).

What can I do, as I already spent so much time and $$ applying, taking classes, testing, and took a few months off work for neurosurgery and recovery. I can only work part-time next semester while finishing class and am wondering if I can get solid grades will that be enough or do I NEED to retake the MCAT in January? Applying to DO and MD, am concerned about studying and performing well in only 1 month on the MCAT given I am still having severe neurological symptoms… Will my illness be reason enough to explain my low score and hope for some interviews? Any help is greatly appreciated!