Low undergrad GPA ten years ago. 4.0 in Postbacc but still worried

A lot of people have been telling my to not sweat it, but I can’t help not to.

AMCAS has calculated my cumulative GPA as a 2.93. :cry:

ten years ago, when I was young, and stupid, I was just trying to get through college. and my gpa’s for each year showed Fr. 2.57, So. 2.13, Ju.2.60, Sen. 2.78.

When I came back to school 3-4 years ago to take the prerequisites i needed I am an A student. total 3.93. (AMCAS actually docks you for A- :x )

So now I am up at midnight, worrying sick that I completely screwed myself in life because I wasn’t prepared for college at the age of eighteen and when I got my act together, it was too late.

My MCAT scores won’t be in until July 19, but standardized tests were never my strong suit, and I was averaging 60-70% when taking my practice exams.

If anyone would care to slap me into realization, please do.

I have no way of knowing since I’m new to this, but when I apply I’ll be in the same boat as you (hopefully if I do as well as you did postbac). I just know that Dr. Gray says in his podcasts all the time that grades are micro and you need to think about the bigger picture of your application.

Your 4.0 in postbac shows that you have matured and are more focused now. I would emphasize your path to becoming the good student you are now, including the ways you have actively cultivated change in yourself whether it was through working to improve your study habits or generally changing your attitude towards your life. You have clearly matured and learned along the way and that will be seen as a strength.

Hey sgaffin!

Any chance you’re still around on here? How did your MCAT go, and what’s the status on your cycle so far? Hoping for the best!