LSU New Orleans vs Shreveport

Anyone out there interview or have knowledge of LSU New Orleans versus Shreveport ? I was accepted in New Orleans which is where I am from and recently was invited to interview in Shreveport. Would love to hear of any comparisons people out there may have. Everyone in New Orleans was very helpful.

I’m really looking at info I can’t seem to find online like the feel of the school in Shreveport.

Congrats on your acceptance! I applied to LSU New Orleans also and got a secondary – really hoping for an interview but we’ll see! I do not know if I can offer any substantial input for your question but I do know if I got into both, I’d pick New Orleans. I have met graduates of both who are awesome but know med students here currently who love it. Besides, you know the area and likely have places to ‘get away’ when med school life gets hectic. On a related geographical note, I did take the MCAT in Shreveport (Bossier City) and in Metairie (NOLA) – way better in Metairie. I would abhor taking Step 1 in Bossier City because I had a very unfavorable experience. Best of luck to you!!


It would be great to have a classmate that I would know already. I really hope that you get that interview and get accepted. I do have to say that it was low key for the interviews in NOLA.I really do think they were trying to make everyone feel comfortable that day. They were very kind. I also interviewed and was accepted at AUC in the Caribbean. I found that interview, although polite, to be more probing. They took my transcript at AUC and said, “Let’s go over this semester by semester.” At one point I had to ask to see the transcript because some of it was back in 1993. I got this instant flashback of Seinfeld when George’s late wife had the doll collection that they decided to go over doll by doll at the foundation.

Best of luck. I hope you hear something very soon.