Hello, All.

I have been lurking here quite awhile (near on 4 years) and only in the last few months have decided that I need to take the plunge and start back on track to med school. My stats are that I completed a BS in Bio in 1995 with an undergrad research project being presented at the annual Cell Bio Convention. It was on cAMP in fish retina. I had a 3.19GPA overall. So, after I graduated, I went back home at the request of my mother to help with a family business. For the last 10 years I have run that family business in South Florida. I have gotten married, had a beautiful baby girl who’s now one year old. I am 39 years old and I have toyed with the idea of PA school being that it’s a shorter track, but somehow I can’t see myself being a PA. I have long wanted to be a Physician. My question that has been asked too many times here is the best way to go…either a Masters or just DIY it. The thing I would like to put a shout out about is finding a group or study buddy that is going along my same track here in South Florida. Currently, I am taking Summer I at a local college PBSC which has just gone from a CC to a state college. NOt sure if it’s still considered as a CC, or should I go to FAU? I am starting with BIO 1010 and A&P I. Maybe I need to transfer to a university…esp one that has a Med school to do a masters. Not sure. So far getting back into the swing of studying and learning. I deal with FUD like so many of you talk about. It seems that sometimes I am so emotional about how much I want to succeed I get in my own way when I sit down to study. I want to get all the details right instead of focusing on getting the framework first. Any input on this would be great. My husband is totally on board with this decision, so it makes it easier to face the climb. I have read the diaries on here and am inspired by so many of your stories. I would like to add my story to the group. So, hello, everyone and I am glad to finally be able to post and be apart of the journey.

Hello Indigo!

Welcome! I think it’s awesome that you’ve decided to dive into pursuing your dream. I’ve been pretty quiet myself on the forum but all the inspirational stories have really helped me keep going this past year.

I’ve been doing the informal, DIY, post bac and for me it has worked pretty well. I wasn’t a science major the first time around so taking upperdivsion science classes to prove I had the chops to handle that kind of material was key. I’m not sure how your courses are numbered (is 1010 graduate level?) But if it is, then doing a Masters might be better since they would be the same level courses anyway. If it’s undergrad, then DIY should be ok. I suppose it also depends if you’re planning on applying DO, MD, or both since DO is much more forgiving about grades with their replacement policy. There are much better qualified people to advise you about this then I, but I just wanted to say hello and good luck.

Indigo, welcome aboard; please note that you have already won one of the battles on your path to becoming a physician, by having a supportive husband.

  • Idalyn Said:
Indigo, welcome aboard; please note that you have already won one of the battles on your path to becoming a physician, by having a supportive husband.

This is so true. With your spouse backing you up you can go so much further; and during the tough times you'll have your own personal cheerleader encouraging you to keep going and make it to the finish.

Bio 1010 Freshmen level ungrad. Thanks for all the encouragement, I’m going to need it. I took all these courses forever ago, but ALOT has changed! It’s very intimidating, but it’s one of those things, I have to do!! Glad to have you all as my resource.

Hi, Welcome Aboard!

It’s a good time to start participating here, it all helps so much!

You raised a great point about study methods, and losing the overview, by trying to master all the details. It makes me think a lot of us might need tips and pointers on refreshing our good ol’ Study Habits, or learning a few new tricks.

I could not find such a forum.

Does anybody know if we have one, or we should start one…?

Personally I have tried to learn better study habits including tonight I just outlined a 800 page Chemistry textbook’s contents to plan my (1) Overview of the whole upcoming course, and then (2) to get the “big picture” about all the chapters and sub-topics. So your comment is right on the money!

Keep up your dream! You never know what you can accomplish, and trying is so much fun!

Dr. Quinn still tryin’ from the mid-1850’s !

Welcome, Indigo!

I have a suggestion for studying for the big picture. Unfortunately I did not find this one until my second year of med school, when I was almost finished with the academic part of my education. My suggestion came from a pathology professor, and helped me a lot. In whatever subject you are studying, find a good review book, and then find the time somehow to prestudy before you go to class. Look ahead at the professor’s schedule to find out what subject you will learn about in the next lecture. Then go to your review book and read about the topic to get some idea of how this topic fits into the bigger picture. For me, I did not have time to do extensive prestudying, but it was very productive time, and prepared my brain for the upcoming lecture, so I could get more out of it, and in my brain it was more a part of the big picture.

Indigo - I did DIY post-bac so I could work part-time and take courses rather than go full on into a masters program. So far it’s worked out very well. My primary goal was to learn material specifically for the MCAT and satisfy the pre-reqs so if you have different goals then that may also play into your decision.