Made the plunge...FINALLY

I’m here FINALLY!!! I’m 35 years old and recently made the decision to become a Physician! I’m late coming to academia, now nearing the end of a B.A of Lib Arts from Harvard Extension School and entering the health careers program there as well. I used to sit and think “where does someone 35 years old turn who wants to become a Doctor?” …and someone who still has another 2 years of undergrad? Then I stumbled on this site. I quickly fell in love with the support of like-minded people, from around the world, who are in the same boat as me! There is nothing like finding your place in life after 3.5 decades of looking! Gratification of this magnitude can only be understood by someone who has lived it! Gone are the days of self-pity and thiking I’ll never be a professional anything but student. I feel like changing my birthday! Time to celebrate!
If there are other people in the Boston area who have similiar circumstances as me…please reply! We can all get through this together and make friends along the way, not to mention professional networks of specialties!
“My name is Robert and I’m a 35 y/o future Physician”

Hi Robert,
Welcome. Enjoy your time here on OPM. It is a cool place. Glad you decided to “Make the plunge” Good luck.


“My name is Robert and I’m a 35 y/o future Physician”

Wow, that sounds like something from “FPA”, future physicians anonymous
Welcome to the forum Robert!

Welcome, Robert!
I am a recovering Corporate American and FUTURE PHYSICIAN!
I’m in Austin, TX, so not much chance of getting together anytime soon. But, I do plan on attending the next OPM conference in DC. See ya then!

Robert, glad to have you but remember, this is not an addiction, although the boards have been known to have a certain “magnetic feel” to them. It is also not a disease, but there is a cure.
Welcome to the club. Go to DC.