Making a Post Bac program decision in NYC

Hi all! I’m beginning my journey towards becoming a doctor, looking to start a program either Fall this year, or Spring of next. I’ve heard some great things about the NYU program, read some bad things about the Columbia program, but haven’t really seen much about the CUNY program. Does anyone have more info - any experience with the program, whether paying $50-$60K is worth it at NYU/Columbia?

To give some background, I graduated with a BA in 2004, and I had been on a pre-med track, so I do have the science courses, but it’s been over a decade. At this point, I believe I’m considered a career changer - which of course, is what I’m looking to do.

Any advice/knowledge/wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

While Columbia’s program is good, its highly competitive, cutthroat, and expensive. NYU’s isnt that far behind. I often point people to the program at Hunter which seems very cost effective and more supportive. Where are you in “the city”

I’m in Manhattan. My concern/fear with CUNY is that they don’t guarantee any spots in science/math courses for post bac students. I’ve read on some forums that people have a very hard time getting into the classes they need. I’m trying to weigh the pros and cons of that against a program like NYU where there is apparently more support for post bac students. I’m also getting more information on programs that result in an MS vs a certificate program.

AH, gonnif - I just remembered/realized that Hunter and City College are two different programs. Unfortunately I’m too late for the Hunter application. It is the City College that can’t guarantee seats in the science classes for post bac students. I really don’t want to wait until Fall 2016 to begin though. So I may have to look in to other options.

Plus 1 on Gonnif’s post. As for not wanting to wait until Fall 2016, haste has ruined many a oldpremed’s plan.

Just sayin’!!