Making me CRAZY!!

Just need a sec to vent.

So a friend is also planning to take her MCAT on the same date that I am in a few weeks. She asked if I wanted to get together to study and shore up our week spots here at the end. I said yes. We got together for the first time yesterday and it was about 3 hours of her stressing about EVERYTHING.

“Nebula, my major was XYZ, do you think that will matter?” “Nebula, I have this health condition, should I mention that on my application?” “Nebula, my GPA is only 3.5 do you think that will hurt me?”

I was like “Friend, there is nothing you are going to do to change any of that stuff at this point, so STOP WORRYING ABOUT IT!! You’ll get in or you won’t and you’ll try again.” BTW She’s stressing out like crazy and she’s only 20!!!

Just needed to vent. I’ll give her one more shot before she gets cut from the MCAT study team lol.

Yeah I would definitely be making that cut NOW if its stressing you out. When it came to MCAT studying, I was as selfish as I needed to be to make sure that I got everything done that I needed. You can counsel her after the test!

Sometimes you have to be blunt with people or they dont get it. Just let her know MCATs are already stressful enough without hearing about someone else’s 10 thousand issues.

This process and medical school is a very selfish thing. If something does not work for YOU, then stop it.