March 18, 2012 Northeast Regional Conference

To be held at UMDNJ-SOM. Details to follow. If you want to volunteer to help, let me know.


We have our first speaker confirmed and quite possibly our second one.

I have confirmed 2 speakers

  1. How to overcome a poor GPA or poor past performance

  2. What are program directors looking for in residents and how is being a nontraditional applicant seen as an advantage

Another speaker has been confirmed:

3) Financial Advisor on Finances while preparing, in, and after medical school.

New Speaker has confirmed!!!

4) Writing your Personal Statement…

Our Docket is almost done.

When is registration for this?


Here is the current list of speakers:

1). Mrs. Paula Fenner, Director of Admissions UMDNJ-SOM: Getting Over a Troubled Past. Improving a poor GPA.

2) Dr. Dominic Valentino, DO; Osteopathic Residency Director, Mercy Catholic Medical Center: Being a NonTraditional Resident. Secrets to Success in getting into a Residency Program and succeeding in one.

3) Jessica Freedman, MD, MedEdits, LLC . How to Write a Good Personal Statement

4) Michael Pomerantz and David Backal, United Planners’ Financial Services of America: Financial Planning for the PreMed, Med, and the Post Graduate years.

With 1 more speaker to confirm

Nice line up. Makes me think about making the 1000 mile drive to Jersey!