Mary Mary Mary, your Redskins will be great

Of Course half the team is Miami Hurricanes. Sean Tay is gonna be awesome for your guys. I saw him play as a Junior Stud at the U. We sure do turn them out don’t we? Oh, and the little running back you have could lead the NFC in Rushing. He is an absolute STUD!!
My Fish are fried for the season since Ricky decided to do more Ganja rather than play football. Not a good development. So I will root for the Hurricane team to lay some wood in the NFL.
You are going to have an awesome football team there. Don’t get too giddy. That coach you got is a real slacker…

OMG you would’ve thought the Super Bowl was Monday… the 5am news led with a preview of that night’s “big game” (preseason Hall of Fame game, good God, not even a “real” preseason game!) and the radio news was all-Redskins radio. It was great! (though it sucked to lose Jon Jansen in such a meaningless game)
When Gibbs was hired back last January, the Washington Post headline was “Return of the King.” Hahaha. In the past Snyder has gotten heat for pulling the plug too quickly on coaches (and of course then not pulling the plug fast enough on that jackass Spurrier). A benefit of having Gibbs is that he actually will have the luxury of time to get this team built up - it may take more than a year for them to learn the appropriate work ethic for Joe Gibbs football, but since he IS Joe Gibbs, not only Snyder but the press and the fans will be almost infinitely forgiving and will give him time to make the changes he needs for the team to be good.
I am excited. Lessee, on a q4 call schedule I’ll have… usually TWO Sundays a month when I can watch football! Yay. Obviously Monday night football is not much of an attraction with the alarm pretty much stuck on 4:20am (ugh).

Hey there,
I have tickets for the Redskins vs Browns game on October 3. I am already plotting how to get that weekend off for plenty of partying and so-forth. My house is going to be full of DC relatives who will be sitting with us.

Wow, Natalie, I trust your seats aren’t anywhere near the Dawg Pound. Cleveland looks like a place where it’s maybe a little dangerous to be rooting for the visiting team… although nothing like Philadelphia, “City of Brotherly Love” (cough).

1-0 after dominating Tampa Bay on the field but not in points… Gibbs gave EVERY player and coach a game ball! Tomorrow it’s the Giants, who stank up the joint in Philadelphia last weekend. Is Gregg Williams’ defense ready for Tiki Barber? Should be a good game, I think.

dont look now but someone called a hearse in for the Phins, Wannstedt seemed stuck on running an offense meant for Ricky, but Ricky ain’t there…he is in rehab or something.

Hey Mary,
Went to the Redskin’s game at Cleveland Browns stadium. (one of our faculty is team physician so we get to go) I could really tell that Coach Gibbs was having some communications difficulty. I had a great time (my heart was on the other side) as it was a beautiful day and I wore my Redskins T-shirt under a scrub top as I was on the Browns sideline and near the locker room.
I remember that Coach Gibbs started O-5 and then went on to an 8-8 record during his first year coaching the Redskins and of course, he is the only coach in NFL history to win three Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks. I know that things will be working out. (Portis look out if you keep fumbling).

Yes WTF is up with Portis and his fumbles? This is not something he was known for prior to this year. I will feel better if they could at least look good while losing, but you’re right, Nat, Gibbs was 0-5 when he started and look where that got him. I do believe that he has the smarts and the instincts to do well as a coach still.

As for the Dolphins:
With the 1st pick in the 2005 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select…