Mary R's celebrating a birthday!!

Just as Mary wished me a happy birthday, let me be the first to wish her the same.
Birthdays this time of year can be wonderful. . . especially when remembered by family and friends. So. . . Mary, may this birthday be one of your happiest, and may there be many more to come!!
And, thank you for always bringing a ray of sunshine into the forums!

Happy Birthday, Mary!

Happy Birthday Mary!

Happy Birthday Mary!!
Best wishes,

thanks, y’all, I had a really nice birthday made even nicer by good wishes from SO many friends. Now I need to find a couple of hours to enjoy the movie my son and daughter-in-law gave me: Bad Boys II ha ha, can’t wait! (I have very lowbrow taste in movies, I admit it. Movies are for fun.)
It is funny to think that, for YEARS on OPM I have been responding to people who fret, “I’ll be (fill in some number) when I start/finish med school,” and I’ve been replying, "Yeah, well, I’ll be 48 when I graduate, so you can certainly do it at (whatever younger age was specified)."
And now I AM 48. Dang. I don’t feel any older.

A Christmas season baby. Happy Birthday and many more.