Match Day

I just got the new book from Brian Eule about Match Day. I’m curious…how likely is it that someone is able to be able to get their residency within driving distance of where they live? Does pretty much everyone have to move at this point?

Just trying to plan for the future…

When you start looking at residencies, you will develop a list of programs to which you apply. You will be invited to interview, and you’ll develop a sense of which programs are more and less attractive. Then, at the conclusion of the process, you’ll put together your rank list.

If location is very important to you, you could rank the programs according to location. You should NEVER rank a program that you would not go to. If you rank a place, and that’s where you match, then that’s where you’ll go.

A fair number of my classmates matched at GWU and so stayed in D.C. for their residency. I matched nearby, so stayed in Northern Virginia. There are going to be some folks at every school who “stick around.” But certainly the more common path is to move.