Recently found out that I matched Orthopedic Surgery at my #1 spot! This forum gave me much encouragement and guidance when I was contemplating my transition from the corporate world to medicine. I hope seeing another successful non-trad motivates another to make the leap! Best of luck on the journey to all…and it is an incredible journey! Happy to answer any questions that you may have about my experiences, successes and missteps along the way.

Hello and congrats on being accepted to your #1 ortho choice. I am in my undergrad studies and plan to graduate in 2019 then go to med school. I would like to know your story from undergrad, transitioning from the corporate world, through med school till now. I know I may be asking alot but I too want to do orthopedics especially pediatric ortho. So your story will only inspire and give me some guidance to my future steps.

Thanks in advance,


congrats. get ready for the most wild ride ever

Any interest in sharing your story on The Premed Years podcast?