Math help?

Ok you guys, I am beginning to panic now… I plan to take Physics next fall at HES and obviously I want to do extremely well. (I will also be taking Chemistry which will be challenging, but I think doable) I know the Physics will not involve Calculus (I did take Calculus in college, did well, cannot remember a thing…) but I need to freshen up on the algebra and trig I will need to crank in Physics. Should I work through a book? Which one? Take an online course over the summer? Any suggestions?

You might want to check out the website for his course:
He’s got a math review diagnostic on there and lists a couple books that he recommends for review. I took a quick look at the trig stuff and I know I’ll definitely need to review that, maybe over the summer. It’s been ages and I don’t remember what all that stuff means, yikes!

Is there someplace you can take a math placement test, say, at a community college? Then you could buy the book for whatever course you place into and work through that. I would also stop by a university library and see if a reference librarian there can help you identify a good summer-sized math text that you could then go buy.

thanks, you both were very helpful!
rori, the website you mentioned is perfect since it is by the prof who will be teaching the class I want to take. It was frozen last night (or my computer was ). I will work through that review, then move onto the book as needed.

The other thing you can do is find a basic college algebra textbook and do very basic work with logarithms–how to manipulate them around in an equation. This will come in useful in general chemistry.

Good idea, looks like I have my summer work cut out for me!

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