Math madness

Well, grades have been posted for my multivariable calculus class and GUESS WHAT?
I got an A!!!
I almost can’t believe it. This is the class I posted about earlier, where our prof kept telling us how “obvious” and un-needing of clarification everything in calculus is, and how we should be able to do graduate-level problems in our heads. The only sad thing is that we did not get to fill out teacher evaluations. I was dying to comment somewhere that the class should have been taught in Italian, since I’m pretty sure they don’t speak English in the 8th or 9th circles of Dante’s Inferno, which is where this class was taking place most of the time. Those eight weeks were brutal! The medians on our midterms never even reached 50 (out of 100). The final was a miserable, rushed affair involving 22 ridiculously difficult multiple choice questions. It was a guessing match.
I have to admit that I learned a ton though, and I’ve never worked so hard. Hopefully when I take p-chem in the fall, I’ll be prepared.
Just wanted to share the good news!

There’s nothing quite like earning an A in one of these classes… smile.gif …congratulations!

Wow. Congratulations on earning an A in such a hard class!

Congratulations!!! I don't have the cajones to even consider taking a class like that. Way to be!

That’s wonderful Andrea!!! Congratulations! biggrin.gif

Holy crap!
An A in multivariable and now you're moving on to p-chem… I am mightily impressed, I wouldn't touch those subjects on a bet. Good for you!

Thanks everyone! I’ll be celebrating this one for awhile! It’s sure nice to have a break right now.
I must admit that my reasons for taking the class weren’t as pure and lofty as it might seem. I have to take multivariable and p-chem, since I did most of my general and organic chemistry at a community college, and a number of med schools seem to have some reservatings about that. I’ve been kind of bitter about the situation, especially when the calc class turned out to be so scary (for a good while I thought I was failing), but now that I’ve gotten through that class, I actually feel better about things. I feel like I’ve got a bit of actual ground to stand on when I say that the cc gave me a great preparation. I also know a lot more geeky math stuff–enough to stop ANY interesting conversation dead in its tracks! smile.gif I still have a few more classes to go, but things are looking up.
Thanks again! OPM is such an inspiration.

While I have been a little slow in responding during my first weeks here at med school, I really want to add my CONGRATULATIONS!!
An A in multivariable calc should make you very proud, and after you kick *** in P-Chem, the med schools will have no reason to doubt your ability to handle med school.
You go girl!

Dont worry about p-chem. You dont need multivariable calculus for that class, the math background you have is overkill for that class.
As long as you remember the basic principles of integration and differentiation in calc 1/2, then you will be fine for pchem.