Is it true that you will need A LOT of Math on Medical school???


Other than the level of math you need for undergraduate chemistry and physics, there is little additional math needed. While calculus used to be a pre-req across most schools, fewer and fewer require it. Some schools will take instead (or recommend) statistics. Many schools have no math requirement. Additionally, as mentioned previously, there are typically both calculus and non-calculus physics offered to most undergraduates. Even my calculus based-physics needed little of the subject (an aside, my calc-based physic’s professor told me the non-calc based physics was probably more applicable to MCAT)

So in sum, you need to look at each specific medical school to see what math requirement, if any is needed

You need algebra and trig, and you need to know them pretty well to get through chemistry and physics. Some schools require calculus or statistics courses, but this is less common. Please check with the schools that interest you the most.