Ummm I kinda have a silly question but…what type of math classes are the best to take in order to do well on the MCAT ? Also the best to take in general, also is anyone on here is or ever was intimidated by math courses and if so how did you over come that fear? thanks

Just the math needed for your medical school prerequisite courses. I wouldn’t go overboard.

LOL okay I will try not to…thanks

Know basic Algebra for sure. You will need that for physics and Chemistry

You will also need trigonometry for physics (or calculus if you take calc-based physics).

You will want to be really strong in algebra and trigonometry for your chemistry and physics courses. The math on the MCAT is pretty simple and any review material will give you the common values you need to know.

Do everything you can to get this strong background in math, including tutors and strong classes with strong teachers at your institution.

Best wishes!