Max Time from Science Courses

I graduated as a Biochem major in 1/97 and now considering med school. Is there a maximum time within which med schools would require the science requirement completed? Or does the requirement only apply to the MCAT?

I would have to say that it depends on the school. Considering that it is 12 years since you graduated, you may need to get some more recent coursework. Also, a lot depends on what you have been doing the past 12 years…if you’ve been working in the field and have kept up with changes (especially in bio), they may be more forgiving. You might want to consider more advanced courses. Have you tried any practice MCAT exams? How did you do? If you really do well on the MCAT, that could also work in your favor.

Of course, the best advice would be talking directly with either a premed advisor or contact some of the med schools you might be interested in and ask them.

Good luck!