May 2007 MCAT

Anyone else taking the MCAT in May? I’m scheduled for May 25th.

I’m scheduled for the 11th of May, but I’m seriously thinking about waiting for a little bit, instead. After talking to a few folks I really trust, and after a couple practice tests I didn’t feel too excited about, it seems like waiting until I’m better prepared might not be a bad idea. I would much rather take the thing once and slam it out of the park than to get a mediocre score and know that it wasn’t my best effort.

May 11

Arghh, I am so behind! But I have FINALLY cured my antiphysics “habit” and with the month of May off, I should be OK!

ok I changed my date to May 31 - I needed a few more weeks to be off and out of school.

So, May 31

Hey there! I am taking it this Friday too (May 25th). After years of indecision (I attended the OPM conference in 2003) I hope to be applying to medical school for 2008 admission. While undecided, I completed my postbacc at Columbia, Spring 2004-Spring 2006. At one point I really thought that I would spend the rest of my life as an “undecided” and never go for it, so it feels very surreal for this test to be 2 days away.

I am doing some final reviewing and trying hard to stay calm and focused.

Good luck to everyone!

Well, I’m delayed until Sept 07 so prehaps I should start a new thread! I thought I had the month of May off until I got the research/clinical opportunity of a lifetime working at breast cancer center. June 15th would have worked but I couldn’t find a date available so since I’m returning to Gtown Med Institute this summer (thanks to OPM), I decided to err on the side of caution and shoot for early Fall.

Here’s hoping everyone did/will do well!

@ Halcynon, I’m sure you did great!