May be a new school in PR

May be a new/old School in PR San Juan Bautista School of Medicine has said they just got the LCME back as of the 15th of June ( yeah friday) so it is not listed yet but if this is true…they teach in both English and Spanish so its another school to consider…Just thought I would let you all know…

That’s great! I was telling OMD there might be a newly accredited PR school.

Sources keep saying that this has happened SJB is LCME WOW thats great

Instruction is both English and SPanish.

From what I hear from all the PR schools is they all teach in both languages. However all the exams are in english, which makes life better. We’ll see.

The only problem I have with the PR schools is they don’t interview mainland students until late March and don’t inform them of their status until late April, early May. I’m assuming it’s to give the PR students more oppurtunity and whatever seats they have at that point they make available to mainland students.

OK I will be honest, SJB is at the eh… well Bottom of the LCME schools, I will not candy coat this, they need students, so getting the LCME helps and now they are still looking to fill seats for Sept 07, at least thats my understanding.

Thats why I posted, you see even a school that is bottom but LCME is better then lets say SGU in the Caribbean since now you went to a “US SCHOOL”

It seems there are still open spots for 2007! Anyone interested should check this out.

I’m sorry Bill if I gave the impression it was a top school. I know it’s low tier. However like you said I’ll take a bottom of the barrel, as it were, US school versus the cream of the crop foreign school.

LOL no Crooz I just wanted to make sure people knew what this school was about, I think it’s a great opportunity for some who can take it, this school is hurting for students and heck if I could I would since my school is supposed to have an agreement with them, I could do my 3rd and 4th year there and graduate from SJB. But alas I have a family and obligations which make that too difficult at this time.

I would consider SJB if I knew they would prepare me for USMLE’s properly.

What do you all think?

I want to do family practice so Im not looking to go anywhere competitive, i was even considering Mexico.

they would not get the LCME nod if they did not teach well, thats the reason they lost it and now after re evaluation and a few years they just got it back, they stepped up to the plate, plus YOU make all the difference not the school so much.

Do not fall into the trap that the school, the school, it’s the student the student!

thanx Im going to call and see what they say.