MCAT experience

Just took the exam yesterday and feel like I was run over by a bus. The verbal section hit me hard, ran out of time and guessed a couple (its really a lot though come to think of it) of questions. I am planning to schedule a retake next week for later this year.

I felt so bad I rescheduled my test in the parking lot. Ran out of time in PS and educated-guessed on an entire passage. Did much better than I thought and was able to cancel the test for a minimal loss. Good luck and try not to think about the old test too much while you wait for your score!

Thank you Kenny, I am planning to reschedule the exam next week so I can hold a spot before the end of the year. I wonder if any other old premed on this forum took the exam also on the 27th of August. I will update on status when the results are out

IMHO before you retake the MCAT you need to first figure out why you ran out of time but more importantly, how to fix it before you take your next exam.