MCAT expiration for applying, 3 years from matriculation or applying?

I am in the process of retaking the MCAT. I wanted to know when scores expire. I see a lot of mixed postings about 3 years from applying and 3 years from matriculation. When is matriculation(rough date)? Is it the first day of classes?

I know there is not a solid answer, but do most schools do 3 years from matriculation?

It varies based on school. If you have access to the MSAR, each school will list the oldest MCAT date they will consider.

It says oldest MCAT considered. I don’t know exactly what that means. Does that mean that’s the last MCAT they will look at or does that mean thats the last MCAT they will accept and anything after that date is fine for that application cycle?

Oldest mcat usually just tells you how long your score is considered valid by the school. How schools view multiple scores is unique to that school. Some average sections, some only use the most recent, but every score you have will be submitted with your application whether or not you want them to be.

Lots of schools have a latest mcat date acceptable for each year as well, meaning you can’t take it in jan of 16 if you’re applying to enter in 2016. I think the norm is roughly September of the application year, but again that will be dependent on the school. I highly recommend investing in the MSAR available on the AAMC site. It will tell you specifics for every US (and CAN?) MD program. AACOM has a similar free PDF publication available for US DO programs.