MCAT Flashcards?

I’m quite a ways from taking the MCAT (spring 2012), but I was in Borders this morning and happened by the MCAT aisle. (OK, so it wasn’t really an accident … it was a Force)

Anyway. I saw the typical Kaplan, Princeton Review, 1,001 q’s, etc. I also saw what appeared to be MCAT flashcards. I had actually thought of making my own flashcards (I find them a good way of reviewing, but that’s me personally) throughout my post-bac program, which I start this fall, and then using those flashcards as the MCAT gets closer to hone in on those details once again.

Has anyone here tried this? Just wondering if anyone found it helpful.

Thanks for your input!

i have the mcat flashcards from kaplan…they are yours if you want them. (along with a bunch of other mcat stuff)

as someone who has taken the paper as well as computer based test i will say the following…

imho they were much more useful in the paper based test. you could look at materials etc between sections. you can not do that in the cbt, you can not review your materials between sections. in fact you can not bring any study material in with you.

can you bring some quick ones for reactions, ir spectrum stuff, equations to look over before you go into the test center but they have to stay in the car.

i personally found doing problems more helpful