MCAT in 2 wks, 2 days, 14.5 hours ...

Well, …
Today was the last day for my Kaplan instruction sessions. All that is left are practice tests. I’m not doing as well as I would like, but I’ll wait until after test day to assume a gloom and doom state of mind! My worst area is the physical sciences section. I’ve been able to steadily increase by a point or two in verbal and bio but the physical sciences hasn’t budged from my diagnostic. That’s the content area I’ll work on most …
I’m going to take the August MCAT but I’ve decided not to apply to schools for a 2006 matriculation (as I had originally planned). I need strong numbers in MCAT and in my last biochem courses to make my application competitive. So, I’ve decided to stretch out my last courses over the next two academic years (to ensure “A” grades). And by not applying now I give myself the option of taking the MCAT in April for a higher score (if absolutely necessary).
A final reason for my holding off on applying is I want to limit my student obligations since my mother’s condition has worsened. Her kidney function has dropped from 50% to 35% in the last two month, and she had a mild stroke w/ vision loss about three weeks ago. She’s doing ok, but I thinks it’s out of sheer will and not a result of any type of recovery.
Anyway, that’s the update on my status. Good luck to everyone who is MCAT-prepping and Medschool-applying this summer!

OH NO! That’s all??!! I can understand the frustration with not getting a section. I’ve been struggling a bit with the biology section when I’ve been doing the practice examples from TPR. Sometimes I can do pretty well, and sometimes I want to throw my book! But hopefully it will kick in for both of us. I still remember getting a C in algebra my first semester in high school (and the resultant “fear of God” my parents put in me) and then all of a sudden something just clicked and from there on out math ended up being simple for me. But now I’m old.
Good luck in your final preparations. And good luck with your mom. That sheer will can do amazing things.