MCAT in May or should I wait?

I know that since today is MCAT registration day, that I should have posted these questions earlier:

Should I delay my MCAT date and, if so, when?

I am currently scheduled for May 22 and I have been studying assiduously for months. I was going to take it last year, but cancelled out of it due to not making much progress on my scores. I am still at a plateau on scores, but it seems that my main problem is speed. I was just not fast enough on the practice tests to finish them without significant guessing. I am currently working with a psychologist to address being able to focus and concentrate.

What are the ramifications of delaying a test date? Would I have to apply in the 2015 application cycle?

Thanks in advance.

I took the test in June and still made headway in this application cycle, though it was late into the cycle. I think I was AMCAS verified sometime in September. AMCAS won’t complete your application until you have an MCAT score. You could take the test to have one on record so your application is complete, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a good plan because schools treat multiple scores differently (and having a poor score on initial screening could get you rejected pre-secondary).

Time management is key for the MCAT. There are different strategies people take like

  • Do computation questions last

  • Do computation questions first (since there is going to a calculable correct answer) and round like crazy

  • Give yourself 8 minutes per passage and move on regardless of whether or not you’re done

  • Do passages last because they take awhile

  • Do passages first because they take awhile and are linked

  • Spend one minute on non-passage questions then move on

    You might want to look for a study guide that offers test strategies as well as covers the material on the test. I did Kaplan, and a huge benefit of the course was learning how the test writers think and helping identify answer choices that don’t fit the question.

    I would say try different strategies in practice to see what works for you. You still have plenty of time to study/practice and still be able to reschedule with minimal charge if need be.

Thanks KennyMac. I will try your suggestions on timing. My main problem is that I read too slow. If I try to read faster, I lose comprehension, misread a question, or make mistakes. I had this same problem during undergrad and in post-bacc, which probably explains why my GPA is not very competitive.

Obviously, it seems like it is better to get a good score than a poor one, especially for marginal GPA applicants like myself. I was hoping that if I rock the MCAT it would prove to medical schools that I am not dumb. I also wanted to use it for a SMP application as well as I don’t think I’ll get in the US with my GPA stats.

I am considering pushing my MCAT date back a bit, as even though it is 3 months away, I am already nervous about it. Because there are so many premeds where I live (Southern California), all the MCAT spots fill up quickly. I will make a decision within the next few days.