MCAT Mneumonics

Anyone have any good ones worth sharing?

I’m trying to see if this works. If not, “King Phillip Came Over For Good Sandwiches.”


[image] …

If you can’t see the image at the link then you can go to FB (gerald.jimmy.jr)

Here is another one. “Leo the Lion says Ger.”…Leo- Losing Electrons is Oxidation…Ger- Gaining Electrons is Reduction.


THere is a lot to know for the MCAT. Two that I found very useful in Physics (from examcrackers) regarding simple harmonic motion: wiggle (w=sqrt(g/L)) for a pendulum and wak’em (w=sqrt(k/m)). Then knowing that w=2.pi.f and f=1/T you can solve a bunch of problems.

My new favorite is for lenses and images- UV & IR. Upright=virtual, inverted=real.

I already know from chem which letters go together, and this takes the second guessing out of it during crunch time.

Some functional groups can be confusing. I use imagery to distinguish between ketones, ethers, esters and carboxlic acids. I hope you enjoy.