MCAT- Physics

I am just starting my Pre-med journey. In fact, I haven’t even started classes yet. I am trying to map out my plan to make the most of my time, financial aid resources etc once I do actually get started. The school I am MOST interested in doesn’t require Physics…and if I don’t have to take it it speeds up my timeline significantly.

So, here’s the question. Do you guys think I really NEED to take physics before taking the MCAT? Or can I teach myself the things I need to know?


I think it’s best to take the class for 2 main reasons:

  1. Physics isn’t easy, and the MCAT cover a broad scope of topics which are pretty difficult to learn even with a teacher and labs

  2. Putting all of your eggs in one basket for applications is very risky. There are so many parameters that admissions looks at when selecting their classes that it’s impossible to know if they’d take you even if you kill the MCAT without taking physics. You would basically be drastically limiting the other places you could apply to.

    You could probably learn it all on your own. It would be pretty painful, as it was for me relearning it all after taking the classes 10 years ago. I suppose your could get a book and try to learn it on your own to determine whether you need the class or not. Somewhere on the AMCAS site is a list of the testable topics by subject.

I STRONGLY question the “quality” of a school that has a premed program that doesn’t require Physics. In fact, I’d find a program that did require it and study there.

I echo Path.

Any school that does not require physics would make me wonder how they teach some of the medical courses which require basic physics for understanding…