MCAT Prediction score...Useful?

I took an MCAT prediction test through Princeton Review…I scored a 500, which seems pretty much where I thought I’d be given that I’ve only taken a few science courses (Gen Chem, Microbio, Intro Biochem) I’m not sure if I feel better or terrified :lol: :lol: :lol:

I did not get a break down of the score, but I did figure out where my weak points are (Definitely Bio sciences!)

Overall it was interesting.

Anyone else take an MCAT prediction test and find it helpful?

You should go over to Next Step Test Prep and take their free FL exam; it will give you a breakdown for each section and then you can review the answers individually.

I’m pretty wary of all of those test predictors. Averaging your practice scores, with heavier weight on more recent exams, is probably a better predictor. Testing strategy is something you’ll develop over time to become a more effective MCAT test-taker. Plus, there is SO MUCH testable information on the MCAT, and there are only so many questions on each test. On any given exam, you’re only being tested on a small portion of the things they can throw at you. Get a test full of material you’re comfortable with, and you’ll knock it out of the park. Get a test full of stuff you’re weak on, and your confidence is shot.

Diagnostic exams are helpful in that they may be able to highlight weak/strong points; however, they shouldn’t really be used to gauge how your overall test performance will be. Plus, see above for my opinion on small sample sizes of a large pool of potential questions.

The one major thing that those prediction things cannot account for is the sheer amount of terror and stress you’ll have when you’re taking the actual exam. Nerves can have an unpredictable impact on your ability to think and reason, which can ultimately affect your score positively or negatively. For boards, I’ve seen people score well above their expected score and other people lose their cool and fail.
Having a target score in mind and scoring that target on practice exams consistently can help ease some of those nerves.

Alone, it doesn’t tell you much. Use it as a baseline and see where you go from there!

These prediction scores are not accurate. The only thing I will say is that the AAMC practice test scores are pretty accurate to what you will get on the real test (i.e. take an AAMC practice test 1 week out and get a 506, you will probably get a 504-508 on the real deal).