MCAT prep courses

Just wondering what you all did for your prep before the MCAT, did you take classes at the college or a private tutor like princeton or kaplan? What worked and what didn’t?



I used Examkrackers books, Audio Osmosis CDs, and the AMCAS practice MCAT tests. Worked great for me.

I got the books from the Kaplan course. A friend took the course and gave me his books afterwards.

I did pretty well (11, 11, 12)

That’s what I’m planning to do this time around. You can buy them on ebay.

Princeton is probably the better course, but dang it is expensive. I’d go a different route unless the whole aspect of a taking a standardized test is alien to you - in which case you may get quite a bit of value out of that.

Hey Scott,

I did exactly what samenewme did…Examkrackers (+ Audio Osmosis) and the AAMC exams. This really worked well for me, especially the 101 VR book. It helped me raise my VR score from the lowest on the first AAMC practice exam to my highest score when I actually took the MCAT. PT if you want more details about how I set a plan up.

I always advocate Examkrackers materials; they are tried and true and my students used them consistently with high results. Some students like commercial courses (or need them to organize their studying) while others do not. The key is to practice, practice, practice! Do all of the AAMC practice tests under real test conditions. Also be advised that the MCAT has eliminated the Writing Sample and added an optional section to test out new content for the 2015 revised MCAT. Those who opt to take the new content (at the end of the test) will receive an Amazon gift card. You can get details for this on the AAMC’s website .