MCAT Prep Question

I just have some questions about MCAT Prep.
(I already have audio osmosis and EK review books)
Did you take a review course?
If so, which one and did it help you to do well on the MCAT?
I am looking for a good practice workbook, any suggestions, please let me know.
Also, please add any recommendations in preparing for this BEAST.

When are you taking the MCAT in April or August? Depending on when you are taking it, if you go to the EK web page you can get a hold of the study schedule under Jason's corner. I am using EK and will be taking TPR just to get another view although from my understanding EK is more than enough (and it is really working for me) if you are consistent with your studying. I think that EK recommends starting the prep 10 weeks before D Day, and doing something like 4 lectures (from different books) per week averaging about two hours per day. This review also incorporates AO, so you would read the lecture for enjoyment, then listen to the corresponding AO and possibly write notes, then I think read the book again, and then take the lecture exam at the end of the book that is timed. Their verbal strategy is good and it works for me. Their books are really concise and do not explain a lot of detail which is good if you have a recent and solid background of the material. If you do not, you may have to go to either another review book with more details (Kaplan or TPR) and then use EK. I cannot comment on how I will do, for I have yet to take the MCAT (April). But I am not as stressed as when I started reveiwing the material (it just seemed so much) because the MCAT is really testing you on big picture and not minutae which helps a lot. If you understand the concepts (all of them or most of them) you will and I think you can do fine on the MCAT but they key, is to do gobs of practice exams. Good luck!
P.S. if you do a search on this forum you will get more ideas of how to study and whom did take a review courseā€¦

Thanks efex for the above post. Yea, I hope to take the MCAT this April, but I have a serious problem on my hands. You see I haven't had chemistry in 10 years and I am trying to review the material and I'm sinking. Nothing is coming back. I am in master's program and I didn't need to retake chem or any of my premed courses. So, I've been reviewing EK topics with a chem textbook and that really is helping. I think I'm going to take a review class but I just may not be prepared for this April test so we'll see.
I will do a search and see what comes up on this website.
Thanks again and if more people could give me some ideas that would be great.

Jenny, AO has enough lecture material to bring you up to speed in no time.
I recommend getting their CD's and quickly. Try the Double Discount link to get them. They had them at the best price I could find.

Before you start buying MCAT prep products, be sure to take a practice test that gives you feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. It will help you target what areas you need review, and make your time prepping more focused.
All Kaplan centers offer a free practice test you can take, with no obligation to take our courses. Our practice test is in the new 2003 format, reflecting the changes in the test. All Kaplan centers are also offering free practice exams at almost every major university campus across the nation in the month of February. It will give you an opportunity to take it in test like conditions. To find out more, visit