MCAT Prep Schedule - 4 Month Plan

Anyone have one?

My plan is:

Sat - 8 hours org/phys mix

Sun - 8 hours gen/bio mix

Mon - Th - 2 or 3 hours each night (I work f/t) - reviewing Sat/Sun work - alternating as fits

Fri - OFF :slight_smile:

I think the schedule is fine, but I would recommend breaking down those subjects even more to better focus your studies. Just for example day 1: acids/bases, genetics. Day 2: aromatic compounds, kinematics. I think the AAMC site has a breakout of actual testable topics.

Make sure you build in breaks, days off, and days devoted to practice tests/reviews.

I was too unfocused when I started studying and wasn’t getting anywhere. I ended up doing a commercial prep course to stay on track.

Thank you, Kenny! I am taking Kaplan so that should help; my first onsite class is 10/9 so in the meantime, I was going to try and map out a schedule for me to use the month before then…

I’m behind an 8-ball big time - just don’t want to waste this precious time

Thank you again!

I work ft also.

M-F:2-3 hrs, 1.5-2 hrs before and after work., thurs off

Sat/sun 6-8hrs mainly passages…fls every sat. start mid to late oct thru dec

When are you taking the exam

1-15-15 … a lot to learn/relearn but sat through molecular genetics via Kaplan today and it was nothing new and I remembered almost all of it

finding confidence where I can - if mole gen is it, then awesome!

Word of warning about the mcat, don’t get too confident this early on or it’ll be more soul crushing when the practice sections show you how the mcat actually is (for me anyway).

I wouldn’t bother pre-studying before class starts. At least not the actual class material. If you have access to the online material, there is a section that reviews the basics that you should know prior to tackling the mcat topics (think trig, natural log, etc). I would put time into those areas now until you’re very comfortable. I wasn’t all the way refreshed on that type stuff which made me take time out of my actual mcat studying to learn.

Kaplan does a good job teaching you the mcat topics and some shortcuts to solving problems. It would be easier to earn it their way the “first” time than “relearning” their way. But referring to the above, they’ll somewhat review the precursor material but assumes you have a foundation.

Just my 2 cents…but I did the self paced course so didn’t have to keep up with the in class schedule. I still put in about 2-3 hrs most week nights and 6-8 hrs scattered over each weekend day while working full time. You WILL get burned out and SHOULD take a break/day off when you get to that point.

Good luck!