MCAT prep sites (...again)

Good morning all!

I tried to submit a post earlier but the website was acting finicky. Anywho…

I would like to set up a list of different MCAT sites that offer free videos, lectures, notes, flash cards, etc. to help guide us premeds to resources that would benefit us as we study.

Please if you know of any sites or resources please reply to this post. I’ll go first:

Course Savers (MCAT Bio videos are incomplete but free)

MCATforme (one word, good videos and study schedule)

Khan Academy (need I say more…)

Please add as you see fit, gracias!

Here are some that I’ve found helpful: (free very brief, but covers the high points for all topics) (free, in depth notes, and recorded lectures) (almost 2000 question bank freely available, with the option to purchase some more passage-based questions) (I think this guy is better than Khan at explaining some of the OChem, plus he has some nice summary sheets)