MCAT Prep System

Hi Guys,

I finally took the big step and registered for the MCAT, May 28 test date. This semester I will be taking my last prereqs (Ochem II and Bio II) + interning 1 full day a week and maybe 1 other online Psychology course.

At first I was going to try and do the Kaplan live course but after more research, decided on the following:

1.) purchased Kaplan course books online to use for science review/content.

2.) Examkrackers books, primarily for Bio and Verbal

3.) Purchase AAMC online tests for practice

4.) Possibly get Berkeley Review for Gen Chem & maybe Physics

5.) Devote at least 15 hours per week for the next 4.5 months to MCAT study

6.) Hope and pray!

Does this seem like a good way to go? Any suggestions or ideas? Has anyone tried the Kaplan online Science Review program (not the complete program)?

Good luck!

This is the big Kahuna!

As to prep… DO something, I have no great opinion beyond that. I have heard different study styles thrive here or there…

I did not think mine was worthwhile.

I was lucky to have strong study discipline and skill. I remember, I had a personal sort of “policy”; During the meetings, I used to slip out the back if after the THIRD time in the same session I caught myself thinking, “This is a waste of time, I could be getting so much more accomplished in my study spot in the basement of Anschutz library”

I ended up using the “Columbia Review” (sorry now out of print) independently


There are those around here who WILL