What should my schedule be while prepping for the MCAT? In other words, is it wise to work or take classes while studying for the MCAT? Thanks!

Treat it like one challenging class and plan your schedule accordingly. Moving to the MCAT forum where more people can help.

Hi, Jill,
I was taking O-Chem II, Physics II, and 9 hours of graduate credit last semester. I thought I’d be able to study for the MCAT at the same time. Well. . . it turned out to be too much to handle and keep my grades up. Consequently, I put off the MCAT until August. This summer, I have been working about 50 hours per week, but am managing to get my studying in for the MCAT. Working seems to be much less stressful than school! I think it just depends on how demanding your other classes and/or job will be.
Good luck!

I would suggest having at least one other “thing” in your life besides the MCAT to allow you time to get away from it and digest what you’ve been reviewing.